"Trevor patiently helped me overcome a childhood fear. It was fear of pain since I had a near death experience involving water and Trevor's instincts to use a gentle hand and kind but unwavering words is what got me to overcome 30 years of pain and phobia in just one amazing session." Elisabet, Las Vegas - Nevada, USA.

"Trevor has the right amounts of empathy and motivating skills so I felt cared for but also encouraged to change." Sara, Lancashire, UK

"Excellent sessions…..They have helped me keep straight on my short term goals. VS London

"Trevor has been fantastic. I feel much more positive now and I would highly recommend him". Dave, Somerset, UK

"I was very sceptical but pleasantly surprised." Simon, Somerset, UK

"I feel quite "refreshed" and inspired to go for some very important changes. I enjoyed Trevor's patience and willingness to explore my goals fully" Barbara, Cheshire, UK


I engaged Trevor as a health coach since I had been experiencing the following sorts of issues: chronic fatigue symptoms; an extreme susceptibility to common cold and viral infections; persistent mental fogginess. Although I believed I had the potential to return to excellent health, despite understanding many health principles, I was unable in practice to bring about lasting change using my own motivation and understanding alone. These debilitating conditions had far reaching effects on my ability to enjoy family life and similarly dampened my professional life.  

I discovered Trevor to be an insightful and skilled professional. From the very beginning he transmitted an unwavering conviction that I did indeed possess the potential for excellent health. As a result I quickly implemented certain action steps the effects of which proved very encouraging. Trevor led me in a holistic approach to improving and building health. For me this covered such areas as nutrition, stress, sleep, exercise as well as the psychology of health. Before long I came to see ever more clearly the role certain stress factors had been playing in undermining my health in a fundamental way. To my surprise I have begun to implement change in areas where I had given up hope of change - with growing results. I have availed myself of new resources and am better able to exploit my own existing knowledge and personal resources.  

At the moment I am in the process of consolidating new habits. I believe that I have potential to build my health further and have more confidence that I can bring this about. To date however, after a small number of months, I have virtually no chronic fatigue symptoms and have more stamina than I have had for years. I have rid myself of a long standing sleep deficit and no longer need to take naps during the day. I am incredulous that my immune system function has improved so markedly that the colds and sore throat bugs that my children constantly bring home hardly affect me these days.  Also as a self employed person my income has naturally increased as a result of my increased health and stamina!  

As a psychotherapist I know that the fulfilment of a person’s potential for emotional and interpersonal health is more likely to be achieved as a result of good one to one work with a professional.  This is equally true, I have discovered, concerning physical health and well-being. In both cases a one size fits all is not the way forward: each person needs to be appraised and related to particularly.  

Since there are few things which contribute more to the sheer enjoyment of life than excellent and vibrant health, in my opinion, there are few people who were they to take up this sort of holistic health work would not be amply rewarded for their effort. David, London.



"Trevor, at Life Coaching Online, helped me open up where I wanted my life to go. He gave me new tools and helped develop forgotten tools I already possessed to enable me to prioritize and move closer to achieving my goals." Sally, Spain.