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“Thank you for sending me the recording of our last session. That same Saturday I had a great night out with a friend and did manage to control my (alcohol) consumption.”

DJ London 19th March 2009


"Trevor took me to an alternative dimension where I experienced a blissful level of relaxation and tranquility. It was a paradise, and if I go there when I depart my earthly existence I will be very pleased.

The toothache that the dentist had been unable to cure just melted away"

YC Wiveliscombe 28th January 2009


"This is more than I expected from the hypnosis session."

LC, London 25th January 2009. 


" I have recently received  hypnotherapy from Trevor Hoskisson to help unravel the tension, anxiety and depression that resulted from a traumatic education by Christian missionaries. The sessions were conducted in a relaxed professional manner and I reclined on a surprisingly comfortable " Sling Chair " that seemed to support every movement and allowed me to recall memories from the past and remove some festering splinters from my psyche that were soaking up unnecessary energy and preventing achievement of my full potential and talents. I also received a Life Coaching session that was of great help and hope that Trevor's work is able to engage with the public on a wider level. "

Andrew Downes London 11th October 2008


"I suffered anxiety and panic attacks for around two and half years, and undergone various other treatments with little or no success. I contacted Trevor and told him my story,"Should only take one or two session",was the reply. Three days latter I arrived at Trevor's house where he conducted the hypnotherapy in quaint little summer house at the bottom of his garden. All he asked of me was to relax and listen.Trevor's approach is professional and easy to understand.I had a follow up session a couple of weeks later,along with more of Trevor's helpful and understanding advice.I have to say I feel better than I have in a long time. 26 August 2008 Alex Fieldhouse."

Alex fieldhouse - 26 Aug 2008
"Having experienced hypnotherapy once before, to give up smoking (I was gasping for a fag as I paid the man) I was a little cynical whether it would work this time, however, I found Trevor's approach very different.

He genuinely seemed more concerned about the problem I had, than the money he was being paid.

He came to my house the day before the hypnosis and discussed what I was looking for. In my case, as a script writer of tv and film, it was to stop me wasting hours upon hours of time doing anything but writing.

Playing games on the internet was a particular problem, as I'd quite happily spend a whole day playing them instead of writing.

He then went away and obviously spent an awful lot of time creating a 'program' that would work for me. I attended his studio the following day, where he carried out the hypnosis.

My cynicism remained, but as the session went on, it dripped away. And to my delight, I've not played internet games since, and am again concentrating more and more on my work.

Trevor doesn't have the silky tongued technique, or indeed the dapper appearance of tv's McKenna or Derran Brown, but what matters are results - and quite simply, he delivered."

Adrian Hewitt - 31 Jul 2008

"I was extremely sceptical about hypnosis and past lives but Trevor took me into a deep hypnotic trance which was calm, peaceful, and very relaxing. He took me to two past lives which were totally unexpected but very realistic."

MH Somerset 30 March 2008